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A passion for being a good businessman is Uzair Soobashah’s benchmark. His academic credentials encompass O levels from Jaffar Public School, prestigious Nixor College, and a Bachelors’s degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University. His journey did not end here. He Started AS Education Services in 2014 as a CEO and in 2 years, he has managed to find a name for his company in a competitive business world. Uzair Soobashah’s life is all about his procurements. The most beautiful thing is when career and passion come together. He not only loves his work but he is frenzy about it. His avidity to achieve his goals never let him cease his search for the best. He lives in his world; difficulties can’t stop him. Uzair Soobashah says “Life without aim is life without death” People can have aims but not everyone achieves them so incredibly like him. People adore him for his zealousness and exertion. A man with good nature is a man with a good perception. Uzair Soobashah is not only impeccable but he is a motivation to be followed by others. Though being foreign qualified he has his fingers on the pulse of the local business scenarios and thus can access and accommodate accordingly and moves with the flow.